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The clinic was founded in 1978, when Profession I.I. Kuzanov returned from Moscow to Georgia. Professor Kuzanov along with the talents of reconstructive-plastic and aesthetic surgery (post doctorate students at that time), R.S. Akchurin, N.O. Milanov, G. A. Stephanov, K.G. Abalmasov, T.I Peradze, and with the supervision of Professor V.S. Krilov  established a micro surgery affiliate, that has been successfully working in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev. They were the first to conduct such surgeries as transplantation of amputated limb segments.

With Prof. Kuzanov’s and G. Natsvlishvili’s leadership, an emergency microsurgical assistance department was established in Clinical Hospital No 1.

            The pioneers of the micro surgery in Georgia are: G. Ioseliani, J. Jikidze, J. Qumsiashvili. With the supervision of Profession Kuzanov, they were the first to re-transplant the amputated finger and first time in the Soviet Union – re-transplantation of amputated hand of a four-year old child. First time in the world the team  transplanted a vascularized autotransplant of the foot’s second toe with the interphalangal joint to restore an injured hand finger of a painter. First time in Georgia, the team completed the vascularized transplantations of shin segments, trunk segments, shoulder segments, tender muscle around the thigh, TRAM segment, DIEP segment.

            Professon I. Kuzanov and Profession G. Natsvlishvili received an USSR state honorary award for special contributions to the development of emergency microsurgery in the Soviet Union.

            Since 1984, with the leadership of I. Kuzanov and K. Mardaleishvili, joint surgeries with oncologists have been conducted were removal of the malignant tumor and restoration of the organ functions is surgically implemented at the same time.

            Breast cancer surgeries along with the reconstruction microsurgical operations are conducted simultaneously.

            In 1994, the first phaloplastic operation (formation of the penis) has been conducted in Georgia using a unique method. Using the third finger of the non-dominant hand gave the possibility to fully restore the functions of neophallus.

            In early 1990s, one of the first private clinics has been established with the leadership of professor I. Kuzanov, where microsurgical operations such as suction-assisted and ultrasound liposaction, breast augmentation using natural tissue or silicon implants, rhinoplasty using intravenous anesthesy, and open method of rhynoplasty were offered.

            Surgeries such as abdomenoplasty, body lifting, breast reduction and lifting, face lifting, skin lifting and SMAS lifting, lip augmentation were regularly conducted.

            Since 2000, with the leadership of I. Kuzanov and doctor. D.G. Kuzanov, the clinic offers minor invasive intervention for facial and bodily contour correction, as well as micro invasive correction of wrinkles. The clinic offers cosmetology and laser services, which allows patients to quickly rehabilitate or treat complications, such as cellular scars.

            In 2004 Prefessor I. Kuzanov and doctor D.N. Gvakharia introduced bariatric surgery (treatment of excessive weight), which involves ballooning the intra gastric part of the stomach with regulating ring, gastric shunting, pancreatic shunting.

            In 2007, Prossor Kuzanov and G. Dzagnidze established an oncological-mammology department for women diagnosed malignant breast cancer. The department offers combined surgeries of mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

            One of the priorities of the clinic is to support continuous professional development of the staff. Employees of the clinic participate in professional development courses in world class leader clinical centers and take part in master classes. Our doctors successfully participate in international conferences.

            The clinic offers long-term monitoring of post-operation results and profound analysis of the post-operation condition of the patient, which allows implementing changes in the operation techniques and selection of operation methods uniquely for each particular case.

            The clinic also serves as a training/practicum center for the medical university. Professor I. Kuzanov mentored and training 18 reconstruction-plastic surgeons; currently all of them are lead surgeons working in the top quality clinics, with the best of them retained by our clinic itself.